9 Rights That LGBT That Could be Reversed

Dominic Holden at BuzzFeed has outlined nine LGBT rights that could be reversed at part the Trump/Pence leadership.

  1. Trump could repeal executive orders that protect LGBT federal workers and contractors.
  2. Trump could withdraw guidance that protects transgender students.
  3. Trump could issue school guidance that says the opposite.
  4. Trump could reinstate a ban on transgender military service (and a ban on gays in the military).
  5. Trump could withdraw guidance protecting transgender workers and stop supporting them in court.
  6. Trump could start repealing health care regulations.
  7. Trump could also reverse a rule protecting LGBT in federal housing.
  8. Trump could expand religious exemptions for entities receiving federal money.
  9. Trump could undo other regulations, guidance, and plans.

Read the full article here at BuzzFeed.



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