Why give money to a theatre company?  Why give money to Evolution Theatre Company? Because Theatre entertains, Theatre educates, Theatre enlightens and Theatre makes voices heard!  Yes we may be one small voice but with your help they will hear us.  We cannot and must not be silent.
In our current political climate it is now more important than ever to nurture and make LGBTQQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, ally) voices heard! The cause for entertaining, educational and socially relevant live theatre here in our community needs you. Will you consider becoming its champion by making a donation to Evolution Theatre Company, Central Ohio’s only professional LGBTQQIA Theatre Company?Evolution Theatre Company is the only local theatre company dedicated solely to: providing a supportive, encouraging environment for celebrating the artistic vision of LGBTQQIA individuals; advancing the understanding of gender issues; fostering the expression of creative performance arts by and about the LGBTQQIA community. Evolution Theatre Company present works that the community can identify with. Works that celebrate and verify the community: its present, past, and future. Works that bring dignity to, and tolerance and acceptance for, the community. Help us in our mission to “OPEN EYES, TOUCH HEARTS and CHANGE MINDS”.  We know there are many good and deserving organizations that will seek your help. Please know how honored we are when you choose to make a gift to Evolution Theatre Company. Give us a gift of your support and we will give you the gift of live Theatre.



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