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Outlook Ohio Opinion: Prove Me Wrong

Look I know I have been negative about Trump. Guess what I will be until he proves me wrong and that won’t happen till 2020 I wager. People asking me to take a positive view are turning a blind eye to my concerns, as well as all sane LGBT community members, and a majority of this country. I can give you a list of people that Donald J. Trump has sought endorsements from and assigned to his office that have expressed interest in efforts in rolling back my rights.

So let me explain using some extreme examples, that are equivalent to what you ask when you say just wait and see. It’s like asking a women to wait and see if that candidate will really take away thier right to vote or was just “energizing the base”. It’s like asking a person of color to wait and see if that candidate lied or “just isn’t PC” when they talked about not letting them marry the person they love, or serve thier country. Or a person of Japanese descent to just hope that candidate “exaggerated” about starting up internment camps again.

You may roll your eyes and think wow dramatic examples, well guess what, then you haven’t actually been listening to me for the last 20 plus years. I have a right to be concerned, I have a right to feel a lack of trust out the gate. Some of the very people in his cabinet know who we are and have actively fought against our rights.

So no, I actually have zero reason to feel good or positive, period. I have faith that in the end equality will prevail, but history shows it’s not always a forward motion, there are stumbles and set backs. All signs point to Trump being just that, a set back. So no, I have to be vigilant, watchful, and vocal. I don’t see the same future you do, Google a number of people who surround Trump and thier stance on gay rights. Flip the script and think of those views on, women, religion, race (that’s suspending what Trump has said himself on so many of those topics). If you were honest with yourself you would be sympathetic, not scornful.

So I am sorry, it will be rough, I don’t enjoy being fearful of losing rights but it is legitimate, so when things are done or said that concern me you will see my POV. Always been that way, always will be. Our rights were not won by hope and positive thoughts alone.

Joshua Alan Snyder-Hill


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