Outlook Ohio News: 1ST Annual Akron Pride Festival


The mission of Akron Pride in to unify and affirm the LGBTQ community and allies in celebrating our diversity and recognizing our likeness.  We will promote acceptance of all individuals by defending human equity.

“We came together, strong, unified for the purpose of uniting the LGBTQ community for one day of celebration.  With many obstacles and challenges ahead of us, we are willing to take risks and ask questions.  With allies in tow, every person in this endeavor is helping to write history in this small city of Akron, Ohio.  Every city in every state, no matter how big or small, should own their pride – strong, united, untethered!  When there are many that say ‘no’ there is one to say ‘yes’ – ‘yes, we can!’  Small city, big heart!”

– D. Lottman-Cruise, President & Founder

Source: Akron Pride


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