Outlook Ohio News: WHERE THE BEARS ARE: SEASON 6 The Gay Comedy Mystery Series Needs Your KickStart

About this project

Season 6 of the award-winning gay comedy mystery web series promises to be one of our most ambitious yet…featuring a spy plot line, a murder AND the return of one of our most notorious villains! Known for our SHOCKING PLOT TWISTS, the season will dazzle diehard fans and new viewers alike!  Kickstart Preview

“Where the Bears Are” is a smash hit, with over 23 MILLION VIEWS worldwide and tons of positive press, acclaim, and social media buzz. The show also won the “Best Gay Web Series” award from Queerty and afterelton.

After five successful seasons, our audience keeps growing and we are now ready to shoot a Season 6!


Season 6 will thrust our hairy heroes into yet another thrilling mystery surrounding the death of one of Nelson’s co-stars on his TV series, “Law and Order: MRU.” Meanwhile, Reggie’s true crime show on the Inquisitive Channel is moving up in the ratings, thanks mainly to his new co-host…famous serial killer, Cyril Bowers! Reggie also will find love this season with a wealthy business man.  At the same time, Todd is busy at the agency trying to foil a possible assassination attempt of a foreign dignitary. And, Wood decides to expand his brand by getting back into the gay bear porn industry! If that weren’t enough, Det. Winters and Martinez open their own detective business and hire former boss, Captain Coley as their assistant!

Season 6 will feature the usual parade of hot, sexy, hairy men that fans adore, the hilarious comedy everyone expects from the show, and a nail-biting climax which has made the show a worldwide hit!

We, the creators (Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook), used Kickstarter to fund Seasons 3, 4 and 5 and everyone was amazing with their generosity and support! People LOVED those seasons and were impressed by the high production values, great script and hilarious performances, so we are back to do it again, but we need your help!

Our show is a professional production, and is shot in the entertainment capitol of the world, Los Angeles. Shooting in L.A. is tremendously expensive. We do the best we can to cut costs, but we insist on paying our amazing cast and crew enough money not to have to work other day jobs. It takes a lot of time, equipment, people and money to make our show look as good as it does. So, we are asking for a lot of money from you. We need as many people to give as possible.

We are constantly being compared to other TV shows and gay features which cost millions of dollars to produce. We are proud of this comparison, and would love to bring you another high quality season at a budget that you, the fans, can afford to support.

$150,000 is the minimum we need to make another season of our show. We shoot just like a feature film, out of sequence with dozens of characters, multiple locations, original music, and even special effects. Here is how the $150,000 will be used…

10% will go to Kickstarter and Amazon Payments

10% will go to fulfilling the terrific rewards we will give you for contributing to the campaign.

10% will go to Insurance and Legal Contracts necessary for production.

10% will go to Locations, Permits, Equipment, Office Supplies

5% will go to Cast and Crew Meals, Transportation, Gas, and Parking

5% will go to Sets, Props, Costumes, Make-up

20% will go to Post Production – Editing, Sound, Music, DVD production and replication.

5% will go to Advertising, Promotion, Photo Shoots, Printing Costs

25% will go to Cast and Crew Salaries


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