Outlook Ohio News: Cleveland Hosting 2 Pride Celebrations in June

In case you noticed multiple posting of events for Pride in Cleveland and are not sure of the event date you are not alone.  Cleveland is hosting two events this year.  No scandal, no shade, just twice the fun for 2017.

Cleveland Pride Parade & Festival

Voinovich Park, Saturday, June 24th.


Following the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the “Cleveland Pride” event was canceled over security concerns. But, the city and several groups and sponsors got together and quickly organized “Pride in the CLE” to replace it.  This June, that event will return, as will “Cleveland Pride”.  Cleveland City Councilman Kerry McCormack, who was involved in last year’s replacement event, and this year’s, says there’s room for both celebrations.

“To be quite honest, in the current climate we’re in, both with rhetoric and the current political climate, I don’t think we can have enough pride and enough events that celebrate the diversity of our community, both in the LGBT community and beyond. So I see no issue with having multiple events.”

“Pride in the CLE” will be June 3rd and “Cleveland Pride 20-17” is scheduled for June 24th.  Both events will be in downtown.  Officials of “Cleveland Pride 2017” have not returned calls for comment.

Source: WKSU


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