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Outlook Ohio News: LGBTQ Rights Task Force Launches in Lorain County

The mission of the “Lorain County LGBTQ+ and Allies Community Task Force” is to address the needs of Lorain County’s LGBTQ+ community through education, advocacy, and allied community resources. As a progressive grassroots movement, the Task Force builds power, takes action and creates change to achieve freedom and justice for LGBTQ+ people and their families and works toward a society that values and respects the diversity of human expression and identity. It is a volunteer-led coalition of community leaders and representatives of churches, social service agencies, and LGBT-serving organizations in the county and Northeast Ohio region.

According to the organization’s spokesperson, in Lorain county, “Oberlin is the only municipality that has employment protections for LGBT employees and that is for the public sector only. Statewide, approximately 81 percent of Ohio’s LGBT Workforce is not protected from employment discrimination.”

The organization is launching a $10,000 fundraising campaign for the LGBT Community Fund of Lorain County.    “The endowment has already grown to $3,435 in a very short time, but must reach $10,000 before grants will be distributed from the fund through the Community Foundation of Lorain County. Anyone may donate to the LGBT Community Fund. Grants made from the fund will help Lorain County 501c3 nonprofits provide direct services for individuals such as support groups for LGBT teens, to support education of the general public of LGBT issues, and to support advocacy efforts such as to pass nondiscrimination policy protections. While the Task Force does not receive grants or dollars from the LGBT Community Fund, it has dedicated its efforts to help grow the fund and create a permanent and sustainable source of funding support for Lorain County’s LGBT community.”


Donations to “show the love” to the LGBT Community Fund can be made to the Community Foundation of Lorain County in a variety of ways, including online by visiting www.peoplewhocare.org. To learn more about the Task Force or ways to get involved, contact 440-574-0393, loraincountylgbtq@gmail.com, or follow them on Facebook.

Source: Avon-Avon Lake, OH Patch


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