Outlook Ohio News: Olmsted Falls Passes LGBT Rights Ordinance

Olmsted Falls has passed anti-discrimination legislation protecting LGBT people. The bill was introduced by Mayor Ann Marie Donegan, and was unanimously approved by city council at their regular Feb. 14 meeting.

The ordinance expands existing protections in Olmsted Falls law in the areas of city employment, fair housing, and ethnic intimidation. Such protections now forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Paul Heney made a public comment, “I’m gay, but I’m also a father, I’m a partner, a brother, a taxpayer, and a parishioner, hearing positive messages from people in their lives, especially from elected officials, is so important.”

Alana Jochum, executive director of the LGBT rights organization Equality Ohio, worked with Donegan in shaping the legislation. Jochum said that by passing 05-2017, Olmsted Falls would become the 17th Ohio city to extend such protections to LGBT residents.

Source: cleveland.com


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