Image: ACLU

Outlook Ohio News: ACLU launches Transgender Spotlight page and video series

The ACLU of Ohio has launched its new webpage highlighting information relevant to the community and videos from the community members throughout the state of Ohio. the link is below and will also be maintained as part of our website on a separate page entitled ACLU of Ohio Transgender Spotlight. Transohio would like to thank the ACLU for its work in this area and helping our community fight for rights.   

In addition to the Transgender Spotlight video series, the ACLU of Ohio has also launched a new resource on our site at, where transgender people, members of the media, service providers, and others can access transgender-related information. Topics include legal protections, trans rights and the law, name and gender change, ID documents, the criminal justice system, and physical and mental health care.

TransOhio works with the ACLU on a project called TEAP to help advance justice and equality for the transgender and genderfluid communities in the state of Ohio !


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