Outlook Ohio News: Portman Blocking Democrats & Tiberi a No Show To Town Hall Meeting

Senator Portman began dropping people that are not registered as republican to his speeches, according to an article in the Columbus Dispatch.  Katie Finneran called off from work Wednesday evening so she could drive two hours north of Ohio State University to hear Sen. Rob Portman speak and received a message from Portman’s office rescinding the ticket she purchased.

Finneran purchased the ticket to purchase a ticket to hear Portman talk after making repeated attempts to call Portman’s office to a message service that is constantly full.

Several posts on Facebook from a Town Hall meeting with Congressman Pat Tiberi noted that he was a no show.  Instead of meeting with his constituents he was at a Knox County fundraising dinner in Mt Vernon for Republican Party.

One person on Facebook posted the following statement:

Attending the Ohio District 12 meeting to hear from our Congressman Pat Tiberi, but Congressman Tiberi is a NO Show to hear from the people from his District. Shame on you Congressman Tiberi. Do your Job!



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