Outlook Ohio News: Announcing New Medical Center and Pharmacy Opening in Columbus’ King-Lincoln District in April

We will be commemorating April’s National Minority Health month in a big way this year, by opening our third Medical Center and Pharmacy in Columbus’s King-Lincoln District.  In line with this year’s theme, we’re working to “bridge health equity across communities.” Since expanding our mission to “care for all” in April 2016, we’ve been exploring where community resources are needed most and where our person-centered medical home approach to care can make the biggest difference. After conducting some research and analysis, we determined that 750 E. Long St. in the King-Lincoln District in Columbus’ Near East side would become our newest health center location. The King-Lincoln District and surrounding community meets the federal government’s criteria as a medically underserved area, meaning it’s an area where there are not enough medical providers to meet the health needs of the community. Addressing these needs, paired with the health disparities that people of color face, including high rates of heart diseases, stroke, cancer, asthma, influenza and pneumonia, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS, will be key goals of the King-Lincoln Medical Center. We also bring to the community our long history of reducing stigma, barriers, and disenfranchisement as we provide culturally competent and compassionate care.

The King-Lincoln Medical Center will offer quality primary care, specialized LGBTQ care, specialized HIV care, behavioral health, HIV/STI testing, HIV supportive services, and pharmacy. We are also thrilled to introduce dentistry services at the new location. Dr. Heather Crockett-Miller and Dental Assistant, Tich White, will provide an array of dental services including emergency, preventive, and restorative care. We’re happy to provide these services to anyone, regardless of insurance type or ability to pay. We’re pleased to be at the forefront of bridging health equity across communities in Ohio. We hope you’ll join us at our community open house. Stay tuned for details.

Source: equitashealth.com


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