Find Fraud
by Abbey Marie Miller

The empty lot on the corner of Hubbard and High that once represented a new chapter in the lives of Mark McGuire and husband Timothy O’Neill, now represents a loss of faith in the gay community.

McGuire and O’Neill say they never got the “urban oasis” that Apex Realty LLC promised them when they paid the $16,500 deposit on their condo in the 11-story Ibiza building. Instead, Franklin County court documents show they got a legal battle.

“We lived in the German Village for 20 years, and we wanted to be done fixing things in an old house,” said O’Neill.

Financially stable, and looking for a change, the couple started looking for a new home that suited both of them. They found it in Ibiza.

“We liked it, and we could afford it,” said O’Neill.

The Ibiza project was the brainchild of Apex Realty LLC. According to the Ohio Secretary of State website, Apex Realty principals, Michael Council, Raymond Brown and Rajesh Lahoti are also principals in Columbus based companies and bars such as Roy G. Biv Corporation, Union Station Foundation, Bounce LLC, Bounce Properties LLC, Havana, FindFred LLC, and Axis.

Apex Realty is an affiliate of Arms Properties, which according to is responsible for developing the Dakota, Parke Condominiums and Unioncafe.

“We knew about the other businesses they had, and that they were successful, so we thought it was a safe bet and put a deposit down.” O’Neill said.

In April of 2008, the men paid a deposit of $16,500, and put their German Village home on the market to prepare for the move to Ibiza.

“We sold our house in one of the most down markets,” said McGuire. “And we didn’t get what we wanted out of it.”

Meanwhile, McGuire and O’Neill started to hear murmurs that their “urban oasis” was more like a mirage. No construction had been done on the property, and people were beginning to talk.

“At first we thought people were just being negative. But we kept getting deadlines, and as each one passed we heard from (Ibiza representatives) less and less,” said O’Neill. “When we did hear from them we would get excuses for why they weren’t building, like zoning issues, tax abatement, moving utilities. They made sense, but we thought, “You’ve built condos before; didn’t you plan for this stuff?'”

With their house sold, and no visible construction done at Ibiza, the couple leased a temporary apartment.

In January of 2010 Arms Properties abandoned the condo idea, and was looking for a partner to develop apartments.

“We really got suspicious when the email addresses changed,” said McGuire. “Everything had always been sent from ‘so and so at,’ then they started coming from other addresses.”

“We didn’t want to live in an apartment; we were already living in an apartment. So we asked for our money back,” said O’Neill. “That ‘s when the dancing began. They basically told us to go ahead and sue them, because they didn’t have any money.”

“That attitude sent us over the edge,” said McGuire.

Attorney Brian Laliberte is representing the couple, as well as several others, in a case against Apex Realty LLC to recover their deposits. According to Laliberte, a forensic accountant was hired to follow the flow of money as it came in, and went out of Apex.

“The money looks like it went from Apex, to RWRM, to Roy G. Biv and then dispersed to the other various companies. It looked like they were taking deposits and using it to promote Ibiza, hoping the money would backfill as more people signed on,” Laliberte said. “They were taking money in the front door, and then pushing it out the back door thinking no one would be any the wiser.”

According to Laliberte, the contract signed by McGuire, O’Neill and the others prohibits the use of deposit money on anything but construction costs. It does not cover any advertising or promoting.

“They just acted like they had a free pass,” said McGuire. “Or like they are entitled.”

In June 2010, a packet from the principals was sent to every person who had put down a deposit for a condo at Ibiza.

“It said if all 60-plus of us dropped any case we might have, they would give us our money back,” said McGuire. “But all of us had to drop everything.”

“We thought, ‘but this money is already rightfully ours,'” said O’Neill. “But it was like you didn’t want to be the one to keep someone else from getting their money, so it was almost as if they wanted to get us to start fighting amongst ourselves.”

Laliberte believes this move, along with filing for bankruptcy was part of a strategy to delay the cases, and buy more time.

According to Franklin county court documents, Apex filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2011, listing “$10 to $50 million in liabilities, and assets less than $10 million.”

“They filed for bankruptcy the day before I was supposed to get them to give depositions,” said Laliberte.

“By the time they filed bankruptcy it was like, ‘of course they did,'” said McGuire.

Because all the affiliated businesses ran by Council, Lahoti and Brown are separate entities, only the Apex Realty LLC would be protected under their bankruptcy file. Laliberte planned to go after the separate affiliated companies to get his clients’ deposits, until Aug. 11, 2011, when a judgment put in by Judge Charles Schneider immediately ruled that Havana LTD, Roy G. Biv Corp., Bounce LLC, Brown, and Lahoti pay J.P Morgan Chase bank a collective sum of $1.3 million for unpaid promissory notes.

“I have no idea if those companies have that much,” said Laliberte. “But $1.3 million is a hell of a lot of money.”

For McGuire and O’Neill, the worst part of this rollercoaster isn’t the lost $16,500, but the lost faith in the community they were once trying to support.

“We went into this thinking that we were supporting the Short North and the Gay Community, we felt like we were at a place in life financially where we could put money back in,” said McGuire. “A big part of the appeal for moving there was putting money back into the community.”

“We would hear that our project had a problem, and then some of the people involved would be observed in the community just spending money, buying shots and whatnot. I wanted them to tell me they felt bad,” said O’Neill. “We are being made to feel bad for wanting our money back.”

According to Laliberte, the principals have threatened to pursue defamation lawsuits to anyone willing to talk publicly about the case.

“They have done everything in their power to quiet anyone coming forward,” Laliberte said. “They are trying to bully people into remaining silent. It’s their M.O.”

“We are not the people who want to bring out torches.” McGuire and O’Neill aren’t the only ones that say they have been silenced by the principals at Apex.

Council was awarded a protection suit against a man who claims to have emails from Council, allegedly threatening to out the man to his parents.

“People have used the term ‘gay mafia’ (to describe them) before,” said O’Neill.

“The worst part is, we miss going to Union with our friends,” said McGuire. “We really liked going there, but we just can’t justify spending money at that bar anymore.”

To some members of the gay community, Union and the other bars owned by Lahoti, Council and Brown are more than just local watering holes.

“Those bars stay open 365 days a year for people who couldn’t go home to their families because they weren’t accepted,” said former General Manager of Havana, Nicole Simmons. “Those holidays were some of the best those people ever had.”

“A lot of people have complaints towards them, myself included, but they helped create solidarity between the Short North bars,” she said. “They created a safe haven.”

According to Laliberte, the safe havens in the Short North owned by Lahoti, Council and Brown are all heavily leveraged collateral for loans, and the August judgment in favor of J.P Morgan Chase could make their future unclear.

Simmons believes that the gay community in the Short North would survive, even if the bars that helped bring them to the area closed.

“If (those bars) didn’t exist any longer, I think other bars in the Short North would absorb them,” she said. “Because of the community (Lahoti, Council, Brown and their bars) created makes it so it isn’t necessary for the gays to go only to their bars. It’s more about the area now, not who you’re sleeping with.”

As it stands, Laliberte still intends to fight for his client’s deposit money, and McGuire and O’Neill have made their home elsewhere.

“The silver lining is we found something we like downtown,” said McGuire. “We were cheerleaders for the project up to the very end.”

“It would have been nice to have that (deposit) money for different things, but luckily it won’t break us,” said O’Neill. “But every time I drive past that empty pit, I swear at it under my breath.”


  1. Isn’t what Council, Lahoti, and Brown did (bilk customers out of lots of money, and spend the money elsewhere) similar to what Bernie Madhoff did with his clients’ money? And isn’t Bernie Madhoff in prison for this behavior? Why aren’t these local crooks in prison? Doesn’t Ohio have laws against larceny? Shouldn’t our Attorney General investigate a scam of such massive proportion?

  2. This article is awful. Outlook should be ashamed of writing such a one sided personal attack. There was a real estate depression of 29% in Columbus. I know I am a realtor. Didn’t Outlook owner Michael Daniels himself lose his house in a foreclosure? Who’s fault was that? Didn’t Michael commit fraud my not paying his mortgage he signed on for? No. If that was the case, every bank we bailed out should be in jail and so should our government for not balancing their budget. He should know it was a national depression. I don’t think it is their fault they couldn’t build it. It sucks people lost deposits but the entire country saw this happen. Or maybe Outlook only reads their own headlines and not the 2 years of headlines about bailouts, banks failing and millions losing their jobs and homes. What is awful is that Michael, Ray and the “Gay Mafia” support the community so much and for some reason Outlook decided to run a smear campaign. Why were there no counter points? Gay Mafia? Really? I suppose they beat people up for not wearing Prada (actually I might support that). I was talking to someone today who said this article is dangerous because some crazy stalker who threatened to kill Michael was used as a reference by Outlook. Piss poor journalism is the reason nobody really reads this paper anyway. Way better when it was weekly and people of good repute ran it. I for one believe we have one of the best gay communities in the world because of Ray, Raj, Micheal and that cute staff. They have given a lot to Stonewall where my best friend is on the board. They are generous and always very nice to me. I think they got caught in a real estate fiasco. I do hope they find a way to refund people as I also know 2 people who lost deposits. Although 1 said he is much better off losing his $3000 deposit versus losing $30,000 in home value. Outlook really crossed a line here. Everyone I have talked to agrees. Honestly, we have to stand up for our heroes instead of letting do-nothings like Outlook bash them. Or am I putting too much faith in humanity. Did Outlook run any stories about any of the countless buildings they created like Dakota which are amazing? My friend Ed lives in Dakota and it is fabulous. Maybe some armchair losers just love to see people on top have a failure? Hang in there guys, one hit and you are back. Just ask Britney. I for one (and I represent many) am excited to see what you do next. I wonder if Mr. “forgot I got foreclosed on” short-term memory Michael Daniels will let this get posted. Let’s see if he has even that modicum of integrity.

  3. I am pleased that someone actually stood up against Outlook for what appears to be an inaccurate, poorly researched and potentially libelous article. Thank you Mark, you gave me courage to write as I have been bothered by this article. I am an attorney who specializes in bankruptcies. I read this story Friday and today did some research of my own. Here is what I found. Court records show that the other companies that Ray, Michael, Raj and Wilbur own are actually creditors in the Apex (Ibiza) Case. This means that they the other companies mentioned in this article are owed money by Ibiza. Why the owners loaned money from their other companies to Ibiza is not my business, but they have a right to do it. So the allegations they funneled money to other entities is false. Transcripts show they use one company, ROY G BIV, to handle all payroll. they did move money there to pay their sales team and it was disclosed properly. Shame on you Mr. Daniels and Mr. Laliberte for presenting this in a negative attacking fashion without presenting the entire truth. I also read in the court transcripts that the developers were entitled to a million dollar development fee they didn’t take. They worked on the project for “free” in essence. Ask Donald Trump if he has ever done that for anyone! That is highly unusual in real estate development projects. Frankly, that shows their good faith in attempting to make the project work. Outlook clearly did not do any research in printing Mr. Laliberte’s allegations. Mr. Laliberte, I must also add that good attorneys do not try cases in the press, they do it in the courts. Secondly, Outlook appears to have used a trademarked logo in an attempt to damage reputation, which is unethical and frankly possibly illegal. If I were the businessmen mentioned in this article I would sue Outlook. I am however an attorney and cannot drum up business in this fashion for myself (a colleague perhaps). Thirdly, a quick check proved that Outlook used as a source, a man who sent a photo of himself with a gun to a member in the story with a threat of harm. Outlook basically used the words of a man who has made visible threats to someone as a credible witness. They may have endangered one of the members of the story by writing it. I am shocked at the poor journalism here. It certainly may be libelous as it could be harming the members of the story. Why did I do all of this research? I deal in bankruptcies and happened to be in the courts one day when Mr. Laliberte was there for Ibiza. He was very unprofessional and I suspect he may have homophobic tendencies. He was screaming in the courtroom and it piqued my interest. He had a personal interest in this case, yet knew nobody associated from what I could tell. Being a gay attorney, I can tell when there is something wrong. It was quite unusual considering the Ibiza case was very clear cut. They couldn’t build it because of the economy. There is no expert witness required to attest to that. Yet Mr. Laliberte was crazed. I also know Mr. Laliberte was let go from his previous law firm. He has a history of “borderline unethical” aggressive behavior. Some research also shows that he has “deep religious” ties – possibly fanatical. Now that is a story I would like to read about. Does that make him a homophobe? No. It does however open up a lot of questions that need answering. Why Outlook would run a story that has so many false facts, stretched truths, un-researched points and is “National Enquirer-esque” is beyond me. However to the general people reading it, I suggest you look up the court records yourself. I have seen hundreds of people with their bankruptcies and Mr. Brown and Mr. Council were consummate gentlemen and showed empathy for the Ibiza buyers. I believe firmly they tried to build it but were stymied by an economic collapse that started a decade ago. I have clients filing Chapter 7’s, making less than $30,000 a year with $250,000 mortgages! The banking industry deregulation and fancy WaMu commercials are the culprit here. Ibiza not getting built is a shame. Losing money on it is a shame. The depositors dreaming of a home and not getting it is really a shame. However, blaming four (4) outstanding businessmen and citizens for a worldwide depression and housing collapse not seen since the Great Depression is somewhat of a stretch don’t you think.

  4. Did we read the same article? Also, do we live in the same community? No one can deny the bad economic conditions, and the good and charitable work done by Rajesh, Ray, and Michael, but come on. The depositors lost all of their money. Not because APEX began building the building and ran out of money, but rather because the developer didn’t put the deposit money in escrow, and instead used the cash to fund other projects. I am sure that money has come from ROY G BIV properties into APEX to keep things going, and I have no doubt that ROY G BIV is listed as a creditor, and it’s lovely that they didn’t take a developers fee, but none of these things matter. The issue lies in the fact that the money is gone, and they’ve lied the whole time about it. I wish they would just say “we spent the money, we can’t build Ibiza”, but instead it’s a million different excuses. Joachim’s razor applies here; if the money is gone, it’s been spent. If it wasn’t spent building Ibiza, it’s been spent on other things. If it’s been spent on things other than Ibiza, and APEX promised it would be spent on Ibiza, then Ray, Rajesh, and Michael have lied, and therefore defrauded investors. I have no doubt this upsets them, and upsets the depositors, but the truth is that the depositors will hopefully get some manner of compensation (probably through this lawsuit), Ray, Raj, and Michael will most likely weather this storm and be fine business-wise. The real shame here is that three prominent gay business leaders, have lost the faith of the community. How different things would have been if they’d just been honest.

    • Alex R has it right. No one is disputing what these men have done for the community in the past. The problem is when as a “community leader,” you decide you’re above the law, create your own rules, and try and lie yourself out of it. Would the Ibiza project have gone through despite all the sleight of hand with the depositors’ money? Probably. But the tanking real estate market in addition to the shell game with money created a perfect storm that revealed the illegalities that were going on. No one is blaming these men for a bad economy. What they are guilty of is not putting the deposits in an escrow account as was promised, lying to the people who gave them money up front, spending the money elsewhere, and trying to cover their behinds, blaming everything and everybody except themselves. Despite your admiration of the work these men have done in the past, unless you are directly affected by this specific Ibiza situation (MARK and J. Cornice), you could not possibly know what was going on. The depositors who have lost more than one million dollars have a right to speak their minds, in the press or in the courts. It’s the absolute least they deserve.

  5. I’m just curious if the two people who smeared outlook, also read the articles that were in the Dispatch and a couple other publications about this same thing and curious if they also attacked people personally at those publications too. Apparently, these people who think that criminals are “heroes” failed to take note of what outlook has done, not just for the gay community, but our whole community as a whole. What with working with the Red Cross, the King Arts Complex, Child Protective Services, Crime Stoppers. These one not heroes don’t sound like much to me. We have all been hit with the economy, and it sucks, but knowingly misleading people and using money that wasn’t theirs is just as deplorable as Madoff. Just because the people involved didn’t lose as much as his people doesn’t make what was done any less criminal.
    And to attack some one personally at the publication simply discredits anything you said by doing what you’re accusing outlook of doing. Childish really.

  6. Wow, I think that Mark and J. Cornice are some good examples of bullying, you went for the editor and the attorney like you were desperate for blood. Foreclosures, homophobes, religious fanatics. Your posted “articles” make it clear you are on the attack and it loses all credibility. Thanks though, entertaining.

  7. This is hilarious. Heroes? Just like Britney, one hit and you’re back?

    At worst these people defrauded investors, and at best lied to their friends and their community.

    I don’t know how you make a comeback from that.

  8. Mark,
    “I for one believe we have one of the best gay communities in the world because of Ray, Raj, Micheal and that cute staff”. Are you kidding me? What the hell are you talking about? Cute staff = community?

    I also wonder how Ed Feighan feels about his name being tossed around?

    It’s pretty clear that Mark and J. Cornice are either employees of Union, are Rajesh, Michael or Ray, or totally diluted. Outlook doesn’t always hit the mark with everything, but this is a topic the community has been talking about for years, and it’s nice to finally know whats going on. This makes me really rethink my support of Union and their bars. Shame on them for lying to their friends, and for not owning their mistakes. A little more humility and honesty would have gone a long way, I think.

  9. The people that are defending the developers cite the bad economy as the reason the project failed. They are probably correct, at least in part. There can be little doubt that the economy had an impact on the project.

    However, that does not excuse the use of deposits in a manner contrary to deposit agreements. In addition, the developers apparently made many claims at public forums and to individual potential purchasers that appear to be false or at a minimum not completely factual.

    The wrongful use of the deposits and making false or misleading claims in an attempt to persuade others to purchase units in the project is most likely a crime. The District Attorney should be looking into this matter and conduct a full investigation. Criminal charges should be filed if warranted.

  10. Why is it that everyone always credits Union as being what started the gay community here? There are so many things that happened before they came along -berwick, red party, the garage are just a few well-known examples of a long and rich tradition of LGBT life in this city. There’s no doubt that Union is a part of that community, but why is it pointed to as the penultimate rallying point for our community? It serves a segment of our community, but there is much more to our community than short north night life.

    But, back to the point. What does Union have to do with Ibiza, really? Why are we letting their affiliation with Union, building community, and their “cute” bartenders be used as an excuse to steal? They took the deposits and didn’t build the building, and then refused to give the money back, maybe even spent it on other things. Even if by some contractual magic and business witchery not refunding the deposits is legal, it’s still the wrong thing to do. Lying is also the wrong thing to do. Trying to bully depositors into a signing a document designed to waive their rights to their money is also the wrong thing to do. I guess the whole point is, you don’t get to say you’re a community leader while stealing money out of the pockets of your community. You don’t get to tout your honesty while lying. You don’t get to pat yourself on the back for being such a great guy after kicking your friends in the balls.

    outlook should have written this article a year ago, and that’s my only complaint about it. Ray, Wilbur, Michael, and Ray, when will you stand up and apologize to your community? When will you recognize that, legalities aside, you’ve done something wrong?

    No one wants to dislike you, but you really aren’t giving your community much of a choice.

    Then again, Union is packed every night. Do you even care? If you don’t, keep doing what you’re doing. If you do, just say you’re sorry. That’s a start.

  11. Taking J Cornice’s advice, I did look up the court documents pertaining to this case, and discovered all sorts of interesting things; court sanctions against Apex employees for lying during depositions, many examples of Apex being unable to produce documentation they should be able to produce, and an email between Michael Council and Ray Brown in which Michael Council says “now we’re going to have to start lying”.

    J Cornice, I guess I have to ask if YOU looked at the court documents before jumping to their defense?

  12. Just found this thread, and this article. Some people have some interesting things to say. Strangely both of the ardent defenders of the accused seem to have given up. Judging by the follow-through here, I’d guess they are the accused themselves!

    I won’t go to u cafe because of the smell and disgusting food. It just makes sense that the biggest eyesore in the short north is also yours.

    I don’t know anything about the legal stuff here, but common sense would be that if you took the money, didn’t build the building, and spent the money, you lied.

    Let the courts work it out.

  13. 1.3 million is a lot of money. I hope they can pay it! I don’t want union or axis to close, axis is the only dance club we have! Still, it’s wrong for these guys to be taking peoples money.

  14. Not only was this article poorly written, but it offered no new information that hadn’t already been published elsewhere. Michael Daniels & co. continue to make a concerted effort to slander ROY G BIV, seemingly whenever they can think of an excuse to do so. They blatantly ignored such obvious economic factors as a tanked real estate market and other local development projects were also halted as a result of the crippled economy.

    J Cornice cites the gutter-stooping action of Outlook defacing the logo of a company (FindFred) which has nothing to do with the matter. Had Outlook’s editors any integrity, they would have done a little research and discovered the autonomy of FindFred and its investor funding.

    Union stands tall as a pillar of the Columbus gay community. Its owners are pioneers in cultivating a social and cultural refuge for gay folk in the area. Shame on Outlook for letting a personal vendetta usurp the actual importance of facts and newsworthy reporting.

    As a side-note, I also find it very interesting that the attacks on ROY G BIV and its proprietors seem to have initiated after ROY G BIV stopped purchasing the inside cover ad in the Outlook publication. (I will interject my supposition that they simply did not want to shell out $ for an advertisement in a publication that continues to degrade in content and production quality.) Check out past editions of Outlook, and see that their libelous and directed animosity started right about the time when Level Bar/Lounge began running its advertisements in the former Union/Axis space.

    Outlook, I wish you grace in acknowledging your missteps, in the same way I hope that Apex Realty (the owners of the fallen Ibiza project) will learn from their errors. Shame on you for making business so personal as to use your publication for a vindictive soapbox. I pray thee well.

  15. They did, Dave.

    Not sure why this is is being perceived as a personal attack either.

    I read an article about depositors angry they didn’t get their money back, and a developer who can’t seem to explain why the deposits weren’t put in escrow. Maybe Outlook should interview Apex next?

    It would seem that if this has been made personal, it was done so by people who apparently don’t share the view that Apex has done anything wrong.
    Don’t know anything about the relationship between Outlook and Apex, but I do know there is bad blood between Level and Union. I’m not sure how all of this relates, but it would seem that everyone defending Apex keeps using the same argument: Outlook is out to get them, the people who own Outlook are idiots, and now, Outlook and Level have conspired to tarnish their reputation.

    Owners of Apex/Union,

    Your reputation’s already been tarnished. I’m not sure why this article has your supporters so upset. An easy way to fix this entire thing would be to give the money back.

  16. While I appreciate a good pun, the title “Find Fraud” pokes fun at the wrong people. I work at FINDFRED® and take offense to the implication of any impropriety on our part. The title jab was below-the-belt. How much would Outlook enjoy being rebranded as Goutlook for its inflammatory labeling? Just sayin’.

  17. Jules, your point is well taken. The people who work for findfred weren’t necessarily involved in apex.

    However, I think the problem lies in the impropriety you made reference to. The money from Ibiza is missing, and the principles in apex (who happen to also be involved in findfred) are unable to make clear where the money went. There’s a lot of talk about economic conditions, and the recession, and bad real estate markets, and no talk about where the money went or why it wasn’t put into escrow. If the money wasn’t put into escrow, the money could have easily been funneled to findfred. The courts will determine if any money went to findfred. I hope it wasn’t.

  18. thanks for the article caused quite an uproar. lets not forget the real pioneers who laid the ground work like david zimmer orin huntington corbet reynolds lynn greer ed thompson todd anglin jill mcdonald alice wing ………

  19. In reading through all of the posted comments, I am disgusted with all of the queens out there thinking Roy G. Biv and company walk on water! Hardly! They are not any sort of pioneers for gay community they are robbing gay community! Perhaps you queens under 30 need to read mitchell’s post about some great gay leaders of the past before the Roy G. Biv rip-off empire. Put down your cocktails and pick up a history book. I applaud Michael Daniels for his fine work and I will take my business to Level which is much cleaner and better than anything Roy G. Biv owns! And if the Dispatch and Business First have already reported on this, how is it an attack on Roy G. Biv? It is not! Wake up Columbus these men think they are above the law!

  20. Don’t worry it will only be a matter of time before a storm of criminal charges will be filed and we know exactly which one of them will break on the stand. I think shortly we will see these business men turning on each other over criminal charges.

  21. Wow! Can’t ANY of youj people write? Maybe think about completing that GED that you appear to have been neglecting for some time. “if your gay?” “represenitive?” “long term ties to a known alleged drug dealer?” (Why didn’t you name the dealer and cite criminal cases in which prosecutors accused him? I’m betting there is no dealer outside this scrawler’s fantasies.)

    Consider this: does it make sense that someone would make major contributions to a community and then rob that community blind? No, it does not. It’s far more likely that they’d continue their commitment to the community. It would take a lot of evidence to overcome that presumption of innocence, and I don’t see it here. Others have raised better explanations: the major economic downturn brought to us by George W. Bush (worst president ever) with a concommitant disastrous tsunami blowing through the real estate sector. Someone should check out whether any parallel situations have developed in failed real estate developments, projects brought to their knees by economic developments that have swollen to grotesque proportions the sector of our nation’s labor market who will probably never work again.

    If Michael Daniels has suffered a foreclosure, then that serves as additional evidence in favor of the defendants in this mockery of a trial in the kangaroo (no offense to the joeys. . . just sayin’). Michael is an upstanding member of our community and a remarkable leader. He has both obvious ambition and a real heart for our community. Somebody like that would only accept foreclosure under the direst of economic conditions, I’m betting (and I’ve known Michael– not well– for years). Community leaders like Michael, Michael, Ray & Rajesh have demonstrated their character by their phenomenal and sacrificial support of community. Just from that they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt.

  22. This is after their guilty of fraud verdict!
    Do all you defenders of these guys – found GUILTY of FRAUD by a judge and jury – still think these people are innocent!?!?

    Ibiza investors sue
    By: Jim Weiker
    The Columbus Dispatch – June 20, 2012

    Investors in the failed Ibiza condominium project in the Short North have again sued the developers, this time charging that they have improperly shuffled assets in an effort to avoid paying investors…..

  23. Look up attorney general complaints against companies. There is still alot more to come. I hear a city attorney has a public corruption complaint filed against him for covering up fraud threats in a case. I also hear the 1st of more than 30 grievances has been filed against city officials for participating in a cover up that can be proven.


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