Outlook Ohio News

The Voice of Ohio’s GLBT & Ally Community

Outlook Ohio Magazine is a free, monthly publication that is released on the first day of each month. Geared for the GLBT & allied community, it’s content contains both locally and nationally focused features with a mix of columns, editorials, arts & entertainment, politics, sports, celebrity interviews and community news.

The publication started in 1996 as a newspaper for the Columbus area called Outlook News. Since then, the magazine has grown from a newspaper, to a tabloid weekly to its current form as a monthly magazine and continues to be Outlook Media’s flagship publication.

The magazine can be found for free in over 2000 locations within Ohio’s metropolitan areas and collegiate towns, including Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Youngstown, Canton & Akron. You will find us in local libraries, restaurants, shops, coffee houses, street stands, nightlife venues, and anywhere in between. Outlook is also available by paid, home-delivery subscription.