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After Madara died from his ordeal, Naruto met with Minato who, as day broke, wished him a happy seventeenth birthday. Sasuke learns of another Uchiha secret upon the death of his brother that would change everything. Toneri tried one final attackbut was unable to control its power, leading to Naruto to intervene and save him from drifting out into space. In the anime, during the second day of the war, Karui and her division were attacked by one of the reincarnations from Kabuto Yakushi : a former samurai named Tatewaki. But loving Hinata more doesn't mean he loves his other precious people any less.

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Hinata wouldn't share what she discussed with the puppet, so Naruto vowed not to let her out of his sight again. Sasuke assisted in fighting off Shin and his son, but Shin was able to manipulate Sasuke's sword and used it to stab Naruto. On his way to hand over the scroll, he notices he's being pulled towards a cave where he finds a powerful aura. Months after the war, Sasuke was pardoned for his crimes on the good word of Naruto and Kakashi who had been selected to become the Sixth Hokage. Unlike Jiraiya, he was able to perfectly balance natural energy with his chakra, and enter a complete Sage Mode, symbolised by the orange pigmentation around his eyes. After they arrived at Konoha, they were shocked to find a giant crater in its place caused by Pain's Shinra Tensei shortly before his battle with Naruto.

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